Renovation Project Management

We love renovating! But it can be stressful at times. Budget, timing, and a lot of unknowns can bring frustration to the process. Many people don't know where to start or just aren't sure how to move their project forward. A project manager can remove that frustration and make the entire process much smoother. Creating your dream space should be fun. 


The first step is vetting and assembling the reno team (Architect, GC, Designer, Specialists), but it's only the start. You can plan on spending up to 15-20 hours a week managing your own renovation project. We assemble the team, manage the process for you, and ensure your project is on time and on budget. 

  • Renovation team vetting

  • Architect/DOB/Approvals

  • Layout/configuration

  • General Contractor management

  • Budget management

  • Specialists (wood, plaster, deck, roof, facade..)

  • Timeline management

  • Project documenting

  • Materials/finishes ordering

  • Design & Finishes

Should you have a renovation Project Manager? 

Time Savings

It's time consuming to manage a renovation project​​. You can plan on spending up to 15-20 hours a week just coordinating your project. By using a project manager to do things like sourcing & ordering materials, finding & managing the renovation team, and trouble shooting along the way your project will move quicker, you'll save money in carrying costs and mistakes, and you'll remove frustration from the process. 

Cost Savings

You can easily overpay a service provider if you aren't aware of what the costs should be. In addition to ensuring you are not overpaying, we have preferred pricing with the service providers that we work with. We also have partnerships with materials & finishes suppliers that can make choices easier and reduce costs. A project manager can help to keep a project on budget and find savings.  

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